What a morning!

So yesterday morning as we were getting ready to walk out the door, we let Seger out to go to the bathroom. Our neighbor's dog was in the backyard, which always excites Seger. As she barked and ran back and forth with Casey (the other dog) through the fence, apparently she stepped on the metal separator between the "grass"(or what used to be) and the rocks. We didn't realize anything was wrong until we got her inside and noticed the little pools of blood on our brand-new white carpet. Needless to say, Marcus and I both freaked out. We ended up having to wrap her foot in a maxi pad, carry her to the car, and take her to the vet.

An hour of crying and $276.75 later, we had this to welcome us home  last night, and no money could buy that feeling...

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Keckie said...

Awwww... poor puppy!