January Went By Fast, Didn't it?

So much to tell!

Let's see... where to start? I will categorize our updates by person.

*Marcus has decided to hike the Colorado Trail this summer. If you aren't familiar with this, it is 480 miles from Denver to Durango and usually takes most people 5-6 weeks to complete. If you know Marcus, he is loving doing his online research on gear and reading up every backpacking book he can find.
*Marcus is working on installing a door to our basement currently. We are sick of getting the cold drafts coming up the stairs. He is doing an excellent job and preparing for our next task: kitchen countertops.
*Marcus has been running a TON to prepare for hike. Seger is definitely in favor of training with him
*He held a newborn baby for the first time on Friday. Beth's brother Joe and his wife, Mandi had a baby on the 25th, Ambrose. We all sort of realized at the same time (5 days after Ambrose was born) that Marcus was his uncle. LOL

*Beth applied (and got accepted) to graduate school at CSU. She starts in March. Her degree will be a Masters of Science in Teaching and Learning with a focus on Online Education.
*Beth is suffocating under a pile of essays to be graded... please send help.
*Beth made homemade bread for the first time ever last week. She thinks it takes a very long time.
*The weekend of Valentine's Day, we have a 4 day weekend, so we rented a cabin outside of Woodland Park with our best friends, Mike and Megan. We are VERY excited to relax for a long weekend.

*Seger graduated a week ago from Obedience School-- we've never been more proud. :)
*On a recent visit to Joe and Mandi's, Pete (Joe's dog) destroyed Seger's beloved stuffed animal duck. The duck needs surgery to repair a large flesh wound on its side. Please keep it in your thoughts- we hope it will survive the operation.
*Seger is hoping she gets a walk this evening...
*Seger has decided that she can sit on the couch and sleep all day while we are work. We have been trying everything in our power to prevent this. She's very tricky though...



Seger wearing Marcus's helmet.

Our dog rocks

We had a great time hiking this week. Marcus mountain biked and Seger and I hiked.