He Did It!

It's official- Marcus Rasmussen, GTA. Marcus not only was accepted to CSU's Creative Non-Fiction program, but he was also asked to be a teaching assistant in their highly competitve college. I'm so proud of him. Way to go! They for his entire tuition for 2 years, and give him a monthly living stipend. Fort Collins- here we come!


Can't Get Enough!

Hey! We have been slaving away on the house. Photos to come. We tiled our fireplace and are meeting with a painter and tiler tomorrow to get some more estimates.

We have quickly become obsessed with this website, Ebates.com Anytime you buy something online, if you go through ebates, you get a percentage of what you spend. We've already made $10.44. Not much, but every little bit counts. They give cash back on travelocity, amazon- just about every website we visit. I've been telling everyone I know about. That's enough website pimping for today though...



Hey all!

We're going through changes, so it seems! We've updated our house in little ways (put up bead board around the island, and installed a light fixture above the stairs). We will post pics soon. We are excited to finally start finishing some of our projects around the house. Our joke has been that everything is 90% complete. I guess this is our Done December.

We also having been making some more goals for our future/careers lately. The biggest one on the plate is Marcus thinking about Graduate School. I'm so proud of him. He has been researching different programs lately and it is so cool to see him excited about it! Poor Seger, both of us will be in Grad School at the same time. :)


A Week to End All Weeks...

An epic week (and I thought bad things only came in 3s):

Monday: One angry parent, Formal evaluation by principal, grades due, work 13 hours
Tuesday: Different VERY angry parent. Realize that somehow my graduate program signed me up for the WRONG CLASS, which I have been participating in for 2 weeks. They drop me from the class and place me in a new class. I now have 1 week to do 2 1/2 weeks worth of work.
Wednesday: Cry in front of a coworker for 25 minutes. Angry parent #2 continues rampage. Mysterious sharp stomach pains elusive to even "the pink stuff" keep me up all night alternating hot flashes and shivers.
Thursday: Cry again in front of a coworker. A hot water pipe bursts in the ceiling of my classroom, flooding my room with somewhere around 3 inches of standing water. The fire department is called. My computer and the laptop cart which houses 30 laptops are ruined in the flood along with countless other mementos, posters, papers, and other important information. Marcus goes to buy something with our truck, truck gets flat tire. Go to fix tire at 9 o'clock at night only to find the spare is also flat and the jack doesn't work with the truck. Stomach pains continue.
Friday: Well it is only Thursday night, but already know I will have to teach the entire day in a vacant classroom and spend every extra minute I have cleaning up my classroom. I can't wait to see what Friday has in store for me! :) Oh and did I mention I have a broken foot and am in a boot?