All Barf and No Bite


Let's go over this week's chain of events:

1. Seger cuts foot barking, bleeds all over new carpet, gets stitches, can't go on walks for 2 weeks.
2. Without walks, Seger gets destructive.
3. This leads to Seger eating a houseplant yesterday (soil and all).
4. Which leads to us coming home from work and finding 4 (yes 4) individual piles of vomit in various rooms of the house.
5. Which leads to me cleaning the carpets this weekend to get out the blood and vomit.

I guess the honeymoon's over... :)


What a morning!

So yesterday morning as we were getting ready to walk out the door, we let Seger out to go to the bathroom. Our neighbor's dog was in the backyard, which always excites Seger. As she barked and ran back and forth with Casey (the other dog) through the fence, apparently she stepped on the metal separator between the "grass"(or what used to be) and the rocks. We didn't realize anything was wrong until we got her inside and noticed the little pools of blood on our brand-new white carpet. Needless to say, Marcus and I both freaked out. We ended up having to wrap her foot in a maxi pad, carry her to the car, and take her to the vet.

An hour of crying and $276.75 later, we had this to welcome us home  last night, and no money could buy that feeling...


Back to Work

Well, after SEVERAL months of not working on the house, Marcus and I are inspired again. After taking a good look around the house, we've decided what our next projects are going to be:

We are going to *finally* put in the new kitchen countertops, sink, and faucet at the end of this month.

After sitting outside yesterday in 80 degree weather and blue skies, we realized how much we (and Seger) really missed having a yard (and grass). We are starting to figure out how to till, put in topsoil, sod, and landscape the yard. We've both been putting this off because our extreme hatred of yardwork!

After 6 months of plywood subfloor in our dining room, we feel we are ready for the next step- tile! We hope to pick this out soon.