All Barf and No Bite


Let's go over this week's chain of events:

1. Seger cuts foot barking, bleeds all over new carpet, gets stitches, can't go on walks for 2 weeks.
2. Without walks, Seger gets destructive.
3. This leads to Seger eating a houseplant yesterday (soil and all).
4. Which leads to us coming home from work and finding 4 (yes 4) individual piles of vomit in various rooms of the house.
5. Which leads to me cleaning the carpets this weekend to get out the blood and vomit.

I guess the honeymoon's over... :)

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Lee-Ann and Matt said...

Don't you LOVE having a dog?? I swear Matt and I could have paid for Maryn's college already with the money we spent on our two lovable bozos. Welcome to parenthood! This is only the beginning=).