Bathroom Remodel, part duex

New Tile, Old Paint

Ungrouted tile, but with paint color

Still a little more tiling to do...  :)

We are very excited to get our air ducts/furnance/AC unit cleaned on Friday so we finally use our AC.  


The Best Summer Ever

What Does A Pirate Tile With? HARRRDIBOARD!

We are nerds!  Here are the latest photos!

Before the Hardiboard, with Kilz

After, with Hardiboard, not yet screwed down

Waldman and I worked too hard, and passed out on the floor to Arrested Development on the laptop.

The old countertop

Marcus sawing off the ledge

We made it cleaner than it appears here.  We are tiling this to match the rest of the bathroom.


After, painted the trim color


The "Red Room" is starting to come together.

The view as you enter the front door.  Beth painted the window and distressed it. 

Here's a table we bought on Craigslist.  Beth refinished it (surprise surprise).  The guys who did our hardwoods gave us some pointers and some supplies. 

Since our A/C is out of commission right now, we bought this lovely fan for the family room.

Bathroom Remodel

It was 95 degrees in our house the day he tore this down.  

So it's been a while since we posted last.  We are finally feeling motivated to work again (we definitely hit a lag the last two weeks).  We've been moving over our furniture from our apartment, touching up the paint, installing a ceiling fan- the list goes on.  GOOD NEWS:  Our dishwasher FINALLY works!  I am so glad I don't have to waste time washing dishes by hand anymore.  

Marcus started our bathroom remodel yesterday.  It was pretty funny to watch him attack the tile with the hammer.  Waldman helped too.  


Tryin' to Settle In...

Oh the joys of remodeling!  We've temporarily laid down towels over the plywood subfloor until we tile both bathrooms.  

Unpacking is so much fun!  Our room looks like a disaster zone.  

We don't have what you would call a "formal" recycling bin.

Using our house warming present for the first time


Wedding Pictures!

Hey everyone!  Our wedding pictures are up on our photographer's website.  The password is:  bethandmarcus   We absolutely love them!  Lindsay did an incredible job.  

This has been a big week for the house.  We got our carpet and appliances on Friday.  The hardwoods are done and Barb came to help us start unpacking.  We stayed at our house for the first time on Friday night.  We will post pictures soon, we have been busy packing, unpacking, and fixing up the house.  Plus, we haven't set up internet there yet.  :)  


The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side...

Before the floors were stained

Excuse the mess--  dining room color

Hardwood sanded down before stain

With stain-- 2 more coats of poly to go

We went really dark with the stain color.  Also Beth is computer stupid and can't flip the photo- sorry!

We are finding the old saying 'the grass is always greener...' to be true.  Can you see the definitive lines between our lawn and the neighbors'?  :)  We're been working really hard on the front lawn lately.  

On the bright side, we do have some green poking up!


Arches before...

Arches in mid-paint (and Beth and Waldman)



In the middle of new tile and carpet...


Our House!

Waldman is amazing at painting!

Destruction of the pink room in the basement

Sea Kayaking 

We are back from our honeymoon on the Riviera Maya outside of Cancun.  We had a blast!  It was so relaxing and exactly what we needed.  

Now we have started to focus on fixing up our house so we can move in.  We are hoping to be in by the end of July.  Hopefully, we will start moving July 14 & 15th.  We get new carpet, our appliances, and the hardwoods refinished this week!   Most of our friends are teachers, so we've had TONS of help (especially from Waldman).  :)