Bathroom Remodel


The Scramble

We (mostly Marcus) have been busting our butts to get the house together for Evelyn's visit in two weeks. We really want to have our guest bedroom and bathroom finished (which means we will actually need to install the toilet that currently sits in the middle of the bedroom floor). Marcus bought the countertop for the bathroom this week, grouted and sealed the bathroom floor, installed the shower fixtures- he has been working so hard and it looks great!

We are hoping to crank a bunch of stuff out this weekend. We have three sets of curtains to hang and Marcus is hoping to get his workshop all set up in the garage.

School has been crazy. I am currently taking 3 classes on top of teaching. I am going to be missing work on Monday to go to a conference. I am also a club advisor this year. I am heading up our NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) club which will be VERY time-consuming. I am also doing a very nerdy book club for the Twilight books. I had a ton of kids reading it that are extremely excited about my club. We are going to play games and talk about the book and then go to the movie when it comes out.

Needless to say, we are both beside ourselves with excitement for Fall Break (October 25-September 2). We are hoping to relax, catch up on grading, and redo the kitchen. Sounds relaxing, huh? :)


Pictures Finally!

New House Paint.  We thought we were getting a grey color, but we were very surprised by the blue.  Believe it or not, it was the best color option our HOA had to offer.  We will take it though, anything is better than peeling!  :)

Side after

Preping the house.  Marcus and I spent all of Friday just preping-scraping, priming, caulking, and replacing trim boards with dry rot.

Our back"yard" lacks grass and is completely overgrown with weeds.  These little burs were all over all of us.

Dry Rot

Side Before

Back before