So Long Sweet Summer!

Well summer has come and gone.  We both officially start work on Friday (although you could argue we've been working the past few days).  What a summer!  We feel especially fortunate to see all the strides Seger has made over the summer.  She went camping for the first time and has become quite the fan of swimming in the river at the dog park (pictured above).  

I've been so proud of Marcus this summer.  Our backyard is about 2 hours of work from being completely done!!  We will post pictures of everything once it is complete.  The flagstone patio looks awesome.  It was a wonderful surprise to get to spend the summer together and I honestly don't know how I would have held up without him the entire summer.  

Our days of leisure are gone, but I find myself excited for the upcoming year.  I can't wait to be around kids again and to see all my colleagues.  Even lessening my load of grad classes will come as a huge relief.  I feel as though we spent the summer more isolated than usual, but in many ways, I found tons of inspiration and motivation from it.  I'm ready to be around the friends I work with and to have another VERY fun schoolyear!

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