42 miles and counting...

Day 1: 13 miles

Day 2: 15 miles

Day 3: 14 miles

Marcus made it to his meeting point with his Dad today around 5 pm. He greatly appreciated some time to relax, stretch, and sleep. I ended up being able to talk to him on the phone again. This time we were able to talk for an hour (since his Dad is coming with the car charger). I sent Dave with a ton of junk food for Marcus to binge on and increase his caloric intake since he is burning so many calories. I made breakfast burritos for them to eat for dinner at the campsite. A couple of cool stories Marcus told me today:

He was walking yesterday in a really remote part of the trail. He saw about 20 tents surrounding a huge canvas tent. As he got closer he saw dozens of people at the campsite. He ran into two guys on the trail carrying pickaxes. They were all there doing trail maintenance for the Colorado Trail. They kept trying to talk him into staying for dinner, but he had a schedule to keep. They made him a turkey sandwich, gave him a Fat Tire, and a bagel for breakfast and he was on his way. He was really glad to talk to them for a while and get some fresh food.

He ran into two kids that just graduated high school in Durango. They decided to do the CT, but starting in Denver and ending just a couple of miles from their backyard. They got dropped off around the same time as Marcus and are planning on hiking the trail in 38 days (Marcus is going to shoot for 30).

As for me, I'm trying to keep busy. I have any amazing support system. I've been really lucky to have friends calling me a lot the past few days. I decided to sign up for an oil painting class at my gym, I'm taking two courses for grad school this summer, and babysitting my nephew, Ambrose. I think I am more busy now than I was during the schoolyear!

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Meg, Chris and Sofia said...

Sounds like the trip is going really well...for Marcus and you! If you want a study buddy or a poolside chat, just let me know. :) I'm open!